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We here at Shattered Backboard firmly believe that women’s basketball, on every level, deserves the same type of comprehensive coverage you would find on any site covering the men’s game. It should be treated with the identical amount of respect and attention to detail as any other sport. That the people who cover it should be fans first and foremost, who not only love the WNBA, but get fidgety when they know the season is coming up and will argue about who should go first in the draft.

That description covers pretty much everyone who writes for Shattered Backboard.

And if you have what it takes, we would love for it to include you.

Shattered Backboard is currently looking for contributors to help us cover the WNBA as well as the international and college games. We are looking for people who consider themselves fans and have concrete opinions about what makes the women’s game great and what makes it not so great.

We are looking for people who can write more than just a game recap. We want folks who are looking to help the game grow and want to help us grow right along with it.

We are currently looking for people interested in helping us cover the following:

All college conferences
International leagues

Think you have what it takes? Read the small print and then ask yourself that.

Contributors have to post at least once a week. While we don’t expect you to write each and every day, we do expect something once a week at a minimum.

Posts have to be meet certain requirements. Articles have to be a particulate length and be formatted the correct way. It’s not complicated and we will teach you want you need to know.

You do not have to have any experience. Yes, it would help, but it isn’t a deal breaker. As long as you know how to use Spell Check we can teach you the rest as we go along.

This is not a paid position … at first. Once you have proven you have mastered the above and can be depended on as a part of the Shattered backboard team, you will be able to qualify to start earning some money. Not much, but it’s more than the nothing most sites pay.

So. Think you want to join the team? Have we piqued your interest? Then send an email to philadelphiacavemedia@gmail.com explaining why you want to join us along with some writing samples if you have them and we’ll get back to you.

Shattered Backboard is one of the fastest growing sports blogs on the web. You could be a part of it.