WNBA Daily Fantasy Part 2: Choosing A Winning Lineup

WNBA Daily Fantasy

Okay. You’ve got your WNBA Daily Fantasy account set up and you know what kind of game you want to play. Now you just need a line up.

In Part 1, we explained to you the difference between WNBA Daily Fantasy Cash games versus Tournament games.

So, WNBA FanDuel novice, you have decided how much you want to risk and how much you want to win, and you are ready to select your lineups for the games.

Well, again, it is not that easy. With different games come different strategies, even though the FanDuel salaries and the scoring system is the same regardless of game type.

Player Selection Strategies

If you recall, we explained that Tournament games only have a small number of winners compared to the numbers of entrants in the game. What you want to do here then, is choose a stud (or two) with both a high upside and limited downside, add a few “solid, consistent” players and finish with those you speculate can have a high upside for their values. This is where you may want “boom or bust” type players, or as a common FDS vernacular “studs and scrubs.”

On the other hand in Cash games, there are a good amount of winners compared to entrants. Remember, it does not matter if you finish at the top or bottom of the winners in a cash game, you get the same amount. The goal is to produce a team with a high floor. In other words, you want to construct a “safe” lineup that is balanced and has a great chance of putting up a solid score from everyone.

So who do you pick?

Scoring in WNBA FanDuel is pretty simple:

1 FD point per point scored
1.5 FD point per assist
1.2 FD points per rebound
2 FD points per shot block
2 FD points per steal
-1 FD point per turnover (these can really hurt!)

As you can see, rebounds, shot blocks, assists and steals are worth more than scoring. Accordingly, a player that just scores buckets may not put up FanDuel points like someone better-rounded.

Also, don’t forget two important points:

  • Wins and losses don’t matter! It’s easy to forget that when you see a team do well
  • Players have to play to scored FD points. Blowouts, rest, all can hurt your score

The table below shows you who the top WNBA players in terms of average FanDuel points per game were from last season.

WNBA Fantasy Daily

There are some surprises there right? Look at the Minnesota Lynx stars like Lindsay Whalen and Seimone Augustus. No one would deny they are two of the best players in the league, but in FanDuel points, they were not that strong last season. Not so easy is it when you see that?

Saturday’s Opening Night Entry

So how do you decide once and for all who to take?  Obviously you have to decide how last year’s numbers will change based on new teams or teammates, and how rookies or free agents will play.  One last tip to get you going for Saturday.

Like a good stock, a good FanDuel player provides a good rate of return.  The best players yield around 5x their salary in FanDuel points.

Tina Charles last year was the highest average scorer, at 40.28 points per game. However at a salary of 8,400 (you can drop the thousands, every player is in the thousands), Charles gives you a return of 4.8 times (40.28 / 8.4). Very strong, and a player you want on your team. However you cannot afford a team of all 8,400 players.

So here are your tips for Saturday night. Look at the rates of return and the prices on these players:

  • Alex Bentley (ankle injury, beware but if she plays) costs 3,800 and had a return of 5.14, the best on the night.
  • Elizabeth Williams costs 5,900 and has a return of 4.82, she can score and has great rebounds and blocks.
  • Kiah Stokes, Charles’ teammate has a cost of 4,100 but a return of 4.81 because of her rebounds and blocks
  • Layshia Clarendon has the highest rate of return of all guards but Bentley, 4.81, and only costs 4,200.

Hopefully we have made this clearer, not more confusing than ever, and you are ready to make some money playing DFS!

More WNBA: WNBA Daily Fantasy Part 1: Want To Play? Here’s How To Get Started

A final reminder, unless you are the type of person that likes day trading on stocks, have fun with FanDuel, but don’t invest your retirement in it, and don’t start cheering against your favorite team because you chose their opponent on your roster!

Have fun!

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