WNBA Daily Fantasy Part 1: Want To Play? Here’s How To Get Started

WNBA Daily Fantasy

Welcome to Part 1 of our guide to WNBA Daily Fantasy, where we will explain the different types of games you can play and the risk involved.

So the WNBA and FanDuel have partnered up to create a Daily Fantasy game for WNBA fans to play. So of course you want to support the league, and you want to be a part of it from day one. So you have never played Daily Fantasy before, have no idea how it works, what the difference is in all these crazy games and you want to make money but not lose a fortune.

Well, we are here to help you understand what you are getting yourself into. When you understand the different types of games and how they work, it is a lot of fun and pretty easy to understand.

I know this because I am a Daily Fantasy player (DFS), on FanDuel. I have played NFL, NBA, and MLB games regularly, and even NHL, Soccer and PGA golf, when my insane nephew who I have shared an account with plays them. I have won my share of games, and lost even more. I am not a big spender, and I am not a big gambler. I usually wager per game a whole $1.00. No, I will not be retiring anytime soon on my FanDuel earnings.

What it does allow me to do though, is explain to you how to play WNBA FanDuel games.

So you have signed up for an account now, and you are ready for the next step. You go to the “Lobby” to see the available games, and you see there are different types:”Tournaments,” “3-100 Player,” “Head to Heads,” and “50/50s & Multipliers.”

Basically there are two types of games: GPP (Guaranteed Prize Pool) Tournaments and Cash Games. Understanding the difference between the two formats and the different strategies to use is critical for new DFS players.

Cash Games

The best games for a first-timer to learn are the Cash games. Cash games are small contests with fewer players, and about half of the players in a contest receive the same, equal payout. On the FanDuel types above, these are the Head to Head, 50/50 and Multipliers.

You have a better chance of winning because there are fewer competitors you are going against, and there are more winners (usually 20 to 100 other players and 50 percent win). Your goal is to put together a lineup that will place you in the top 50 percent, not one that will beat all players in your pool, because if you finish first or fiftieth, you still win the same amount.

Tournament Games

These are much tougher, and accordingly, have much higher payouts. There is usually a large pool of competitors, and only a few winners. Some even allow multiple entries by the same person.

The WNBA Tipoff challenge free game is a Tournament style. There are up to 100,000 entries, and 163 winners (1.6 percent chance of winning). The prizes though, are pretty valuable in tournaments; in this game, first prize is two courtside tickets at a game.

Here you are competing to win outright, and beat the other competitors, so you would not only look for players that can earn you a lot of points, you need to find those sleepers that other players don’t pick and may not have a “cost” that is that high, that will perform well that night.

We will get more into building your lineups next time.

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For now though, you should have enough basic knowledge to sign up for your FanDuel account, assess your personal risk and daringness, and start looking at the WNBA players and their assigned values, and look for those you think are over and undervalued. They will change as the season goes on.

Enjoy, and welcome to the world of Daily Fantasy Sports!

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